Welcome to the new IDNIYRA website

Welcome to the New IDNIYRA website.  Thanks to the efforts of Deb Whitehorse, the website has been revamped to  be  fun informative and accessible to all.  You can now easily get information, cruise to the forum, pay your dues, read the newsletters and so damned much more.  The website will continue to improve with time and is in a format that can easily be kept current.  If you have any  questions or suggestions, you can direct them to me  eric.anderson5193@att.net or Deb Whitehorse.

Enjoy you summer and get that gear ready for the fall- the Western Challenge is only 5 months away. 


Eric Anderson






  1. This new website is very nice and I appreciate all your efforts. I do have a problem with it and as a dues paying member I would like access to the members list with there phone numbers or email addresses like we used to have. There’s a good chance I over looked something and it’s a personal problem. I need to contact someone on the technical committee concerning a legality on a fuselage spec. I want to build this boat but can’t until I get a reading from one of them. Can you help me.

    1. Please email to me and I will provide you with the names and email addresses of the Technical Committee. The information is also available in the printed yearbook.

      North American Technical Committee members include Jeff Kent, Paul Goodwin, and Steve Orlebeke.

      The phone numbers and email addresses of all members are published in the printed yearbook.

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