2018 DN Western Region Championship Day 1 Results

Line up for the DN Western Region championship on Lake Mendota.

Good Cold Racing
Sailors persevered the single digit temperatures, bright sunshine, and 5-10 mph winds on the regatta’s first day. Many thanks to all who hung in there including the hard working race committee.

Gold fleet
Pos    Sail#         Name       Race>     1    2    3    4  Points
  1   US 4926    ORLEBEKE,      STEVE     1    1    4    4   10.00
  2   US 4691      DENNIS,   JOHN (S)     6    4    1    3   14.00
  3   US 4975       EVANS, ROBBIE (S)     8    7    2    2   19.00
  4   US 4824 CHRISTENSEN,   MARK (S)     2   10    3    5   20.00
  5   US 5432       BLOOM,   MIKE (S)     3    2    6   10   21.00
  6   US 5166      BERGER,  CHRIS (S)     4    8    8    1   21.00
  7   US 5501    ORLEBEKE,      PETER     7    5    9    6   27.00
  8   US 5508       SUGAR,        TIM     5    6   10    8   29.00
  9   US 5486       ELSMO,      DAVID    11    3    5   11   30.00
 10   US 5352       HEARN, DANIEL (S)    10    9    7    7   33.00
 11   US 5536     SCHMITT,       MATT     9   11   11    9   40.00
 12   US 4249       GLICK,   DAVE (M)    12   12   12   12   48.00
 13   US  602       MEYER,    TOM (M)    13   13  DNS  DNS   54.00

Scoring system: IDNIYRA Worlds

Silver fleet
Pos    Sail#         Name        Race>     1    2    3    4  Points
  1   US 5507    BARNETT,         MIKE     1    3    1    1    6.00
  2   US 4923      SOLUM,     JEFF (S)     4    1    3    2   10.00
  3   US 5479      HEARN,        BRIAN     2    2    4    6   14.00
  4   US 5522   METZLOFF,         KYLE     3    5    2    5   15.00
  5   US  548    HOVLAND,         NICK     7    8    5    3   23.00
  6   US 5602  KICKHAFER, MATTHEW (JR)    11    6    9    8   34.00
  7   US 4203 FITZGERALD, PATRICK (GM)     9    4   11   10   34.00
  8   US 5517   THOMPSON,    JASON (S)     5   10   10    9   34.00
  9   US 2360      JOHNS,    PETE (GM)     8    9    7   11   35.00
 10   US 4137   SMITH JR,      KEN (M)    14   12    6    4   36.00
 11   US 3433    CUMMINS,  ROBERT (GM)    10   13    8    7   38.00
 12   US 1277     BOWMAN,     HAL (GM)     6    7  DNS  DNS   49.00
 13   US 5397    FOSSATI,    DANNY (N)    13   11   13   13   50.00
 14   US 4602  KICKHAFER,    DAVID (S)    15   14   12   12   53.00
 15   US 1313       RAST,   ROBERT (M)    12   15   14  DNS   59.00
 16   US  888     ROSTEN,    THOR (JR)    16  DNS  DNS  DNS   70.00
 17   US  294   LOENNEKE,   LOUIS (GM)   DNS  DNS  DNS  DNS   72.00

Scoring system: IDNIYRA Worlds

DN Western Region Update: First Start @ Noon

Attention DN Western Region Competitors!

The first race start has been moved to 12:00 noon CST in order to allow the temperatures to moderate. It’s -3F at 6AM.
If you have friends on the road, please let them know.

REGISTRATION: Registration will be in the parking lot at the launch site from 10:00 – 11:00 AM CST.
See you on the ice. It’s going to be a beautiful,sunny day on Lake Mendota!

2018 DN Western Region Regatta ON for Madison

Via DN Western Region Commodore Daniel Hearn.

The DN Western Region regatta is called ON for Madison, WI for January 13-14, 2018 on Lake Mendota. Launch out of Mendota County Park. Both Mendota and Monona were inspected and Mendota’s sheet was found to be the better of the two sheets. You will need a Dane County Lake Access Permit to launch from this site. See information below.
See Notice of Race

•Friday: 7-9 PM Registration at Regatta Hotel Headquarters @ AmericInn, 101 West Broadway, Monona, WI
•Sat 8-9 on ice registration
•Sat 9:30 Skippers Meeting
•Sat 10:30 First DN start
•Sunday 10:00 First DN start. No race will start after 2:30 PM

Mendota County Park
5133 Co Hwy M
Middleton, WI 53562
Buy at the launch site or buy online at this link: https://www.reservedane.com/permits.aspx

Regatta Headquarters: AmericInn Lodge and Suites Madison South
101 W. Broadway
Madison, WI
20 rooms available (queens)
$79 – $99 plus tax
Pool, hot tub, breakfast

Country Inn and Suites by Carlson
400 River Place
Madison, WI
15 rooms available
$109 Friday, $96 Sat. plus tax
Pool, hot tub, breakfast

Sleep Inn and Suites
4802 Tradewinds Pkwy
21 rooms available for Fri and Sat
$84 plus tax
Pool, hot tub, breakfast

2018 Western Region Championship Update

The DN Western Region Championship is tentatively scheduled for January 13-14, 2018. Here’s an update from Western Region Commodore Daniel Hearn.

UPDATE 2: January 11, 2018 @12:30 PM CST

Please be patient. I understand many are anxious for the call, but I won’t have enough information to make a decision until sometime Friday morning. Right now it’s 47 degrees in Madison and we’ve got lots of water on top of ice on all the Madison area lakes. Same on Green Lake, Winnebago, Delavan and Lake Geneva. When the temps drop back below freezing this afternoon and get down to 9 degrees overnight, we could have either hockey rinks or runner swallowing shell ice and drain holes. The radical temperature shift could also create cracks/heaves. Unfortunately, I’m just not going to know until tomorrow. A number of us will be on Middleton Bay on the west end of Lake Mendota early tomorrow morning. It is our intention to inspect and sail, and call the event “ON” if at all possible. Lake Mendota remains our most probable possibility, but the other lakes mentioned above are not out of consideration. Others will be inspecting those tomorrow morning, as well.

Stay tuned…

Daniel Hearn
Western Region Commodore
US 5352

Ice Sailing Friends:

The Western Regional Championships remain a possibility for this weekend. Here’s what I know—

The big Zamboni is working overtime this week on the Madison area lakes. We’ve been above freezing during the day all week with a high of 46 expected Thursday, along with some rain. This should all but eliminate the modest amount of snow we have on our ice. Then, we’re back to 12 degrees overnight Thursday, with a high of 20 on Friday and down to Zero overnight Friday. All of these factors could set us up for a choice between sheets on the Madison area lakes, but there is a possibility that we could receive some mixed precipitation Thursday evening as temperatures drop back down. If we’re lucky, the precip will have ended as the temps drop back below freezing.
Don’t believe it’s been warm enough to the north to eliminate the snow that has landed on the ice.
To the south, the warm temps have not allowed Lake Geneva to lock up yet to safe sailing conditions. Have not heard any more about Lake Decatur or any other sheets in southern Illinois or Indiana.
Have not heard any promising reports coming out of the bays of Green Bay.

Please keep ice reports coming my way!

All of this means that I am anticipating a late go/no-go call, possibly as late as noon on Friday. Have your stuff ready to go, because it just might happen! Many sailors are anxious to get in some tiller time before the North Americans, which open the following weekend. If we can’t pull Westerns off this weekend, we will postpone until after North Americans.

The 4LIYC will be checking ice on Friday. If sailable conditions exist, at a minimum, you can anticipate that scrub racing will be happening. I’m placing my personal bet on the west end of Lake Mendota.

Until later this week…
Daniel Hearn
Western Region Commodore
US 5352

Electronic Voting Demonstration

Via IDNIYRA Vice Commodore Warren Nethercote:

Thursday afternoon 11 January, 151 members of IDNIYRA will be receiving an invitation to vote in a demonstration electronic vote. This demonstration is designed to give us a better idea of what we are voting for when we are asked to vote on introducing electronic voting at the 2018 annual general meeting.

Ideally we would have sent invitations to all members but we have not yet completed consolidation of our membership and sail number records In a form suitable for a full electronic voting list.

Please participate in this demonstration e-vote so that you can provide feedback to the IDNIYRA Governing Committee either by email or at the AGM.