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It’s do-over time for the proposal to allow para aramid in the construction of tillers. Yes, you voted for this in 2014 but that vote was conducted incorrectly because it was only sent to ballot in North America and not Europe. This violated the Specifications Management Agreement. Thank you for your patience.

NOTICE OF DUES: You can also pay your dues for the 2018 season either online (click here) or by dropping a check into the envelope with the ballot.

September Runner Tracks Newsletter

Runner Tracks, the newsletter of the IDNIYRA, has been virtually delivered to your door. Meade Gougeon is on the cover, the first photo of Meade ever taken by Gretchen Dorian while at her first iceboat regatta in ten years ago. European IDNIYRA Secretary Chris Williams has provided a timeline as to what transpired when DNs were being considered for Olympic glory and why that didn’t happen. Other features include class members sharing their remembrances of Meade, minutes of the 2017 EU Secretaries meeting, and the 2018 International Rank list. [If you have any questions about the list, please email to] Read all about it here on the Runner Tracks page.

Did you know that Runner Tracks is available in three different electronic formats and you can also order it in a print version?
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PDF: Best for tablets
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Western & Eastern Region Regatta Dates Announced

Western & Eastern Region Regatta Dates Announced

Dates for two regional DN regattas have been announced.

Date: January 6-7, 2018
Location: Best ice in the Western Region (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, or Iowa)

Date: January 13-14, 2018
Location: Best ice in the Eastern Region

Meade Gougeon US882: 1938-2017

Meade Gougeon in 1982 at Wittensee, Germany. Photo: Henry Bossett

The DN class sends our thoughts and condolences to the family of Meade Gougeon who passed away on Sunday, August 27, 2017. Meade was a well respected class leader and had a tremendous impact on ice boating and all forms of sailing. Jane Pegel US805 remembers Meade:

It has been a privilege to witness the “Gougeon” era.   The brothers Meade, Jan, and Joe were all  top notch DN sailors.   While Joe ventured away from Gougeon Brothers, Meade and Jan became  innovators in the boat building industry.   “Get out the Gouge” became a familiar phrase, especially to those of us building and racing iceboats.  
Meade Gougeon was an outstanding leader, both in business and the DN class.   When a discussion was getting “heated”, Meade would step forward and with a few words lead us in a sensible direction.     A tough, but fair,  competitor, Meade’s contribution to the sport of iceboating reached far beyond the race course and is much appreciated.
…Jane Pegel
DN 805

North American Championship First Place
Gold Cup
1991 5th place
Gold Cup Senior Trophy
Past IDNIYRA Commodore