European Championship Regatta Winners

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1966 Kess Kortenoever Holland Neusiedlam See, Austria
1967 Bouw V. Wijik Holland Stora Vartain, Sweden
1968 Bouw V. Wijik Holland Podersdorf, Austria
1969 Jan Eindhoven Holland Steinhude Meer, W. Germany
1970 (No Race – too much snow)
1971 Endel Vooremaa ESSR Monnikendam, Holland
1972 Endel Vooremaa ESSR Gottskar, Sweden
1973 Endel Vooremaa ESSR Gizycko, Poland
1974 (No race—too much snow)
1975 (No race- too much snow)
1976 Ole Bloomquist Sweden Stora Vartain, Sweden
1977 Piotr Burczynski Poland Krynica Morska, Poland
1978 Vello Kuusk ESSR Krynica Morska, Poland
1979 Robert Ettl Germany Neusiedlam See, Austria
1980 Bogdan Kramer Poland Vasteras Maelere
1981 Bogdan Kramer Poland Dettern, Sweden
1982 Matti Kuulmann USSR Kleine Wittensee, Germany
1983 Vaiko Voorema USSR Stora Vartan, Sweden
1984 Bogdan Kramer Poland Krynica Morska, Poland
1985 Vaiko Voremaa ESSR Granna, Sweden
1986 Not sailed, too warm
1987 Wladyslaw Stefanowicz Poland Kungsbacka, Sweden
1988 Piotr Burczynski (unofficial) Poland Leningrad, USSR
1989 Piotr Burczynski Poland Vasa, Finland
1990 Soren Snackestrom Sweden Arsunda. Swedem
1991 Matti Kuulmann Estonia Haapsalu, Estonia
1992 Karol Jablonski Germany Arsunda, Sweden
1993 Stan Macur Poland Sundbyholm Maeleren, Sweden
1994 (No Race)
1995 Vaiko Voorema Estonia Vasteras Maeleren, Sweden
1996 Thomas Karlsson Sweden Podersdorf, Austria
1997 Thomas Karlsson Sweden Vaxo, Sweden
1998 Thomas Karlsson Sweden Pyhajoki, Finland
1999 Tomas Lindgren Sweden Lake Sniardwy, Poland
2000 Bernd Zeiger Germany Lake Hjälmaren, Sweden
2001 Karol Jablonski Poland Lake Lipno, Czech Republic
2002 Ron Sherry USA Haapsalu, Estonia
2003 Thomas Karlsson Sweden Bjorkvik, Sweden
2004 Michal Burczynski Poland Lake Balaton, Hungary
2005 Michal Burczynski Poland Lomasakyka, Finland
2007 Andreas Bock Germany Haapsalu, Estonia
2008 Matt Struble USA Lake Lipno, Czech Republic
2009 Vaiko Vooremaa Estonia St. Petersburg, Russia
2010 Bernd Zeiger Germany Neusiedlam See, Austria
2011 Karol Jablonski Poland Kuressaare, Saaremaa, Estonia
2012 (No Race)
2013 Karol Jablonski Poland Lake Niegocin & Lake Siemianowka, Poland
2014 Karol Jablonski Poland Haapsalu, Estonia
2015 Karol Jablonski Poland Lake Võrtsjärv, Estonia
2016 Ron Sherry USA Lake Glan, Norrköping,Sweden
2017 Karol Jablonski Poland Lake Balaton, Hungary


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